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Rebuild a town, your beautiful town!

Tuba, a town building game from Arabia Felix, gives you the chance to be the leader a destroyed town needs to get back on its feet and become the beautiful peaceful town it once was.

Let’s go on an adventure and help people in Yemen and defeat every obstacle in our way. Can you outperform your competitors and high your findings?
In this game the continuous running character aspiring child Eduo to be a hero! Being Eduo in different regions in Yemen, defeating monsters and evil by helping his community and gather Yemenis together on a journey to find out more about the identity and culture of Yemen.

Arwa’s World is a fun challenging game, a game for those who love to win and overcome the difficulties. It consists of 13 stages that the player must overcome in order to win.
The player will try to collect ideas and shapes in order to help the heroine who starts as a little girl and then grows up during the game to become an influential lady on her to achieving her big dream

Play as Nader or Nadera and explore the Secret of Arabia Felix. You have to find your way through your city and solve problems, help others, and interact with interesting characters. Are you ready to discover the Secret of Arabia Felix?

This is not your average game. It’s a test of your ability to take responsibility! Play smartly and the Queen of Sheba will be there to help. You have three areas that need services and solutions to their problems. You must distribute resources in a balanced manner and find solutions that will ensure stability, growth, and prosperity in the three regions so that the republic can finally enjoy peace and harmony. It is time to play the role of a leader.

Are proud to introduce the new to our game: The Adventures of Edo Crave!
Manufactured by the Yemeni team. Will you be the hero you need Yemen?
They carried the game now from the Google Play Store

🏗 Build the future of Yemen in ‘Your Sustainable City’! 🌍 Create an eco-friendly paradise, achieve Sustainable Development Goals, and collaborate with friends in this exciting city builder game on Google Play. Are you ready to make a green difference? 🌱🌆

The adventure is not over yet.
Are you one of the heroes who challenged the difficulties and does not care about the dangers? Then download the game of The Secrets of Arabia Felix 2 and be the hero.
The city that has fallen into chaos, and it’s in need of your abilities

Hatred spread and disagreement have awakened an evil spirit. It cast a spell over the whole town, and turned everyone and everything into paper. All sorts of communication and unity are lost… Can you help save it? It is up to you and your team to bring society together again. Play this multiplayer card game to go on a journey through communication, unity and cooperation to save your town.

Overcome the issues of a young girl while helping grandma with her chores.

As part of the Arabia Felix serious game series, we created the 9th game – A narrative game about the communication struggles that everyone faces in their daily lives. Explore the life of 18-year-old Yasmeen, as she helps her grandma with chores, leading to issues at the local market.

Serious Games in Yemen 🇾🇪

Making serious games in Yemen is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Serious games are games that have a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, such as education, health care, social change, or environmental awareness.

At Arkadia Studio, we are passionate about making serious games that can make a positive difference in the world. One of our projects is focused on Yemen, a country that has a rich and diverse history, culture, and geography, but also faces many political, economic, and humanitarian challenges. Our goal is to create games that can educate, empower, and inspire the people of Yemen and beyond, as well as raise awareness and support for the causes that matter to them.

We believe that making serious games in Yemen is an important and worthwhile pursuit. We hope that our games can offer a unique opportunity to explore, celebrate, and improve the country’s rich and diverse heritage, as well as to address its pressing and complex problems. We also hope that our games can empower and educate the people of Yemen and beyond, and inspire them to create a better future for themselves and their country.

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